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Cesare X Ezio

Cesare Assassins Creed Tumblr

Size is 5 x 7 inches.

Cesare x ezio. From the kinkmeme prompt. Discovery brotherhood and revelations as. Mentions of incest because cesare and lucrezia oh and death. Assassin s creed x reader fanfiction.

Altair arno assassinscreed connor desmond edward evie ezio haytham jacob kenway leonardo malik ác. Basically what the title says. Rosa flirts with ezio at the docks in venice assassin s creed 2 duration. Ezio returns to ferrara after the events of the da vinci disappearance dlc and meets with lucrezia in her chambers.

1945 signed photo shown as alfredo in la traviata. He was an illegitimate son of rodrigo borgia and a nemesis of the assassin ezio auditore da firenze like his father he was a member of the templar order eventually he became captain general of the papal armies though he secretly plotted against his father to take over rome and all of italy. He planned to return to italy before long but meanwhile there was a rebellion against king john to contend with and cesare took command of a 5 000 strong basque army to deal with the rebels. Read cesare borgia x reader from the story assassin s creed x reader by novelist4402 arlo with 643 reads.

One of the rebels was luis de beaumonte lord of the castle of viana. 25 00 usd add to cart. Let s fall off of it together. And you saw cesare in of all places a den for prostitutes.

Ezio auditore da firenze italian pronunciation. In order to humiliate both ezio and his underlings cesare rapes him and makes the rest watch. You and ezio had a fight. I m doing this to relieve write.

In 1506 cesare has escaped custody and the assassins are looking for him. Ezio and a number of assassins are captured on the spot. Also i had to do some research on the assassin s creed wikia about the history of the borgias in game so i could figure out how it would have been to grow. ˈɛttsjo audiˈtoːre da f fiˈrɛntse is a fictional character in the video game series assassin s creed an italian master assassin who serves as the protagonist of the series games set during the italian renaissance his life and career as an assassin are chronicled in assassin s creed ii ii.

Ezio auditore x ex borgia reader words 1248. Cracks knuckles i might need to modify this ask a bit but let s do it. Ezio is betrayed and the tiber island hideout is stormed by borgia troops. This is a branch into the unknown.

Assassin s creed brotherhood cesare borgia final boss ps4 pro duration. Ezio auditore da firenze. Cesare borgia 1475 1507 was an italian condottiero military leader nobleman and politician. Comment anything but keep it nice we have young readers.

Size is 5 x 7 inches. King john and cesare set siege to the castle early in march. 1945 signed photo shown as alfredo in la traviata. As if that was any surprise anyways.